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What Others Have to Say Wichita Dental Clinic

Pulled from Yelp.com: “First of all, I’m a wuss with the drill and was dreading going to the dentist. I knew I may have had a few small cavities and was doing research on laser technology (which does not require a drill). I doubted I would find it in Kansas (I was picturing traveling to another state for my drill-free conquest), but was very wrong!  🙂 Hooray for dentists staying up to date with the latest advances.

Dr. Ben Lee and his staff are fantastic! What I like most about Dr. Ben Lee is that he is very much an advocate for holistic care and preventative medicine. I was searching for a dentist for weeks because I wanted the most up-to-date technology. People come from other states to see him, yes, he’s really that good. Go here if you need a dentist in Wichita, he can do it all!”—Laura N.


“Fear, trepidation, terror and fright are not words of exaggeration or dramatization concerning my feelings towards going to the dentist. In 2008,

I had a bad experience with a dentist and told myself I would never darken a dentist’s door again.I contacted Dr. Lee’s office, explained to them my bad experiences in the past and was handled with respect, dignity, and care. It has been four years and REGULAR visits to caring, kind, considerate staff who have not only become my dentist and staff, but my friends as well. I consider it a blessed day when I met this fine group of people. Thank you seems so small a statement to express my gratitude towards this fine group of individuals.”—Diane B.
“I moved to Wichita in 2004 and had a hard time going through yellow pages looking for dentists. A friend that worked with my husband at Hawker, suggested a fairly new dentist out on Woodlawn. Said the whole office was awesome and that Dr Lee made his patients feel so much at ease. I knew this would be a challenge for me because the only other thing I was scared of, besides spiders, was a dentist. And I wasnt sure in which order I would put those 2 fears. I made the appt and about had an anxiety attack soon as hit the waiitng room. I heard the dental drill in the back rooms and that’s about the time the hyperventilating began. I met Stefanie, Dana, Liz and the infamous Dr Lee. ( I had pictured this little Chinese man…lol ) I was still nervous, and knew I had alot of work that needed done. Dr Lee went over every single issue and explained what needed to be done and how. I was so impressed by the time I left that my fear had substantially subsided. We talked and joked and each of the ladies was just as personable as they could be. I was still going to see Dr Lee 8 years later….I moved to Ohio and a few months after I returned to Wichita for business and I worked my schedule around a cleaning at his office, with Dana !! I was tickled to no end. I returned to the first dentist that had done what many others had failed to do in 57 years. Their caring, understanding, kindness, etc brought me out of such a fear that I didnt feel afraid any more, and for them doing that on the first visit, was truely amazing ! I am still trying to recruit Dana to a local office here in Ohio. She is just too cute anyway. I miss you all back on Woodlawn, and if I ever get back to Wichita, I will make an appt so that I can see my old friends again. You are definitely one of a kind. Keep the gas bill paid up and try to invent a muffler for the drills. You get that accomplished and I will be your new best friend and financial investor !! Love ya all !!! *salute*”— Lora Snow


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