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“What’s a Typical Exam Like?”

In our Dental Hygiene Department, we have two very experienced Dental Hygienists to offer all facets of Dental Hygiene. At your first appointment you will experience a 1.5 -2.0 hour initial examination. We are told continually that this is the most thorough dental examination that they have ever had. Our hygienists will begin with a full mouth series of radiographs so Dr. Lee can do the most extensive job of evaluation possible. Next, she will take a sample of plaque from your teeth and place it on a microscope to evaluate the level and type of bacteria that are present. She will go over that with you and explain what types are there and what that means to your oral health. Third, she will measure the gum level at six places around each tooth to check for periodontal disease i.e. gingivitis and periodontitis. At this point if your periodontal health is good,  one of our wonderful hygienists will perform a dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) for you.

Once that is complete, Dr. Lee will come in and perform his dental examination. He will view the radiographs and note any anomalies or discrepancies. He will examine the teeth, perform a soft tissue cancer screening and lastly check your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and all of the muscles of mastication around the head and neck area. Wichita Dentist Dr Ben LeeHere at Benjamin G Lee, D.D.S.,P.A. we don’t just treat teeth we look at the whole masticatory system. Everything in the mouth affects many things. For example, if a simple filling is done and the bite is left a bit high. That one prematurity in the bite will cause a shifting in the jaw that will stimulate the muscles which in turn will cause them to be over worked. This can lead to muscle spasms resulting in terrible headache issues. All from a simple filling. Again, everything in the system affects everything else.

In our dental department we provide all general dentistry services. We also provide all types of cosmetic dentistry i.e. crowns and bridges, veneers and we accomplish all types of reconstruction to provide the smile that you have always wanted.

One thing that our office is noted for is our treatment of TMJ. TMJ is actually the temporomandibular joint and we all have two of them. TMD or temporomandibular dysfunction and occlusomuscular dysfunction are often lumped together and termed “TMJ”. Many times these patients suffer from clicking and popping or severe headaches. We have great success in helping patients with these types of symptoms.

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